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Taylor Mackenzie Troup, a 22-year-old Junior at the historic Wesleyan College, where she majors in Advertising and Marketing Communications and hails from Alamo, Georgia.


All Things Taylor started off has an Instagram handle that has now become her brand. Taylor's business focuses on photography, web design, and marketing consulting. She has created websites for businesses and churches across South Georgia, helping them reach the masses by improving their areas of marketing. Through the lens, Taylor longs to touch the hearts of others and the world one photo at a time.

Taylor began creating websites and graphics throughout high school and carried them out as she transitioned into higher education. Taylor served as Public Relations Chair and Vice President for Wesleyan College Black Student Alliance. She managed all of the social media accounts while also creating content for those pages. 


Outside of being a scholar and business owner, Taylor enjoys competing in pageants. She held the title of Miss Georgia Olive 2021, Miss Black Georgia Talented Teen 2020, and Miss MLK Jr. Taylor also enjoys modeling for G. Marie's formal wear and public speaking.

As Taylor's passion for social media and pageants united, she worked as a social media marketing intern for the USA National Miss Scholarship Organization while continuing her work as social media director for You Go Girl Enterprises. 

With a passion for helping others in any way, shape, or form, Taylor spends her summers volunteering with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes sharing the love of sports and God. 
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